Banned By Madison Faye


By Madison Faye

  • Release Date: 2019-09-27
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 73 Ratings


What happens when the school’s quirkiest band geek starts a rock band with three of the hottest guys in varsity football royalty?
Well, pretty soon, I’m not just “with” the band. 
I’m with the band. The whole band
What could possibly go wrong?
You know, besides everything.

They’re panty-meltingly gorgeous, cocky, and three of the biggest stars on the varsity football team. I’m the dorkiest, tuba-playing music-geek this side of band camp. In a school full of rules and cliques and clichés, Anders Teller, Griffin Reeves, Carson Lafayette and I have nothing to do with each other.
Except, I’m about to have everything to do with them. With all of them.
They’re the last thing I expect when I sneak off campus after curfew to audition for an up-and-coming rock band. Neither is finding them mostly naked when I show up, or falling—yes, literally falling—into their arms…
Everyone says to keep clear of crazy-hot musicians. They say the same thing about totally beautiful, ridiculously tempting football jocks, too. So what’s a girl to do when she comes across a stupid-hot combination of both
There’s three of them, and one of me. And before long, it’s not just the practice room that’s rocking and rolling…
One never-been-touched nerd, three huge, utterly tempting jocks, and three whispered words that make my toes curl: “we’re gonna share.”
As The Bard says, if music be the food of love, play on.
Well, something tells me we’re about to play all night

Each of the Winchester Academy books are completely standalone stories, with no cliffhangers.
This mfmm romance is all about her - no m/m. Safe, no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed. 


  • All In Amazing!

    By Hb314
    Three hot guys, and their girl...yes please! This book is steamy, and it builds. You will find it hard to pick a favorite guy for Zara, but really, why should you have to. They’re all pretty fracking unbelievable. I am really enjoying this series. Each story gives you a little something familiar, with a little something new. I love this school! The scandals are hot, and makes normal just seem down right boring. Definitely a must read!
  • Loved it!

    By C dub 007
    This book was hot, hot, hot! The geek and the hottest guys, a recipe for a great smutty hea read. I am loving this series.
  • Super

    By Cheryl AB Reviews
    This is another in her series of Taboo, Forbidden romances! It’s the story of Zara, a nerdy, music prodigy who decides to ‘break out’ of her dorm school to audition for a rock band. She discovers that the band members are, none other than, the royalty of the varsity football team....Anders, Carson, and Griffin!!!! This was a frolicking fun-filled romp through the murky waters of high school. They were trying to place I. The battle of the bands. Madison Faye has given us a fun-filled, flirty story!!!
  • Seriously rocks

    By sasha213sw
    This was a great ménage story. There really wasn’t a single character that I didn’t like, which doesn’t always happen for me in ménage stories although Zara and Griff were my fav. This is the story of the ultimate band geek trying out for the secret rock band formed by three of the schools jocks. I like how these guys immediately went for it with Zara and she went right back at them! Her being strong enough to stand on her own two feet and still rock it was great to see also. Good read and perfect in this series!
  • Zara + 3

    By gecko1987
    A great sexy story! Zara is a senior at Winchester Academy. She’s a band geek and meets 3 sexy football players. Great characters, instant chemistry, sexiness is off the charts!
  • Hot

    By Vermeal
    Three scoops and a cherry on top please. Madison Faye gives us three hot as h*ll guys and a sexy gal to go with. Music is their life but they will definitely become each other’s worlds. However will they make it through the trials life’s about to throw in their way to be together. Because why have one when you can have three.
  • Band geek gets its all

    By ousweetheart2000
    Zara is one lucky band nerd that happens to be very talented, then she goes to try out for a band and gets a surprised who is in the band. Only the 3 hottest football royalty. It’s such a great book to read about these 4 people from different school clicks that usually don’t talk
  • Banned Love

    By MindyS80
    I am loving this series. Zara is the typical nerd/band geek but a chance to audition for an actual band has her putting aside her good girl persona to audition. Running into the three of the school football players in a state of undress. Finding out that. Griff, Carson and Anders were the band she was auditioning for was not what she was expecting. The connection that these four is out of this world, and I loved how Zara took her wants into her own hands and acted on her desires. Love this series and can’t wait to see what comes next.
  • So deliciously good!

    By Anna Marissa
    A band geek and three football jocks...I honestly loved it! Didn’t think I would but it was pretty great to see Madison Faye break some stereotypes. I’ve enjoyed every bit of this series and I can’t wait for the next one!
  • Fantastic Book 4 Winchester Academy Series

    By l. Fenn-stokes
    Zara is a band geek at Winchester Academy, she is a senior and she is a virgin. Zara is so excited she is sneaking off campus to go audition for a rock band. When she gets there she is shocked to find 3 star football players in the warehouse she was supposed to meet the band. Zara plays guitar and sings. Carson, Anders and Griff are star football players at Winchester Academy but they want to be in a rock band so they advertised at the local coffee shop. Carson, Anders and Griff are shocked when the gorgeous Zara Bateman shows up at the audition. Zara is a ringer for the band. They all want to get in the Battle of the Bands. Zara storms out and Anders goes after her. He finds her in the piano room back at the academy. She is pleasuring herself. Anders goes to her and they kiss. Zara was thinking about all three of the guys. Anders knows that he is not the only one who wants Zara. They fool around for a bit and then go their separate ways after Anders tells Zara they need her in the band. The next day she meets Carson in the tunnel under the school to practice. Anders is late. Carson and Griffin start to kiss Zara. The four of them actually get some practice in. Zara has some lyrics that she has written and the use those and some cover songs when they play in a bar. They are really good. Anders, Carson and Griff all want to be with Zara. Anders finds out that Zara is a virgin when they start to get intimate in a parking lot. After Zara tells Anders about her virginity he tells her he won’t take it in a parking lot. They all end up in the guys suite after a concert and they play spin the bottle to determine who gets to have Zara first. Will Anders, Carson and Griff be able to handle Zara together? Will Zara always wants Anders, Carson and Griff? Will they make Battle of the Bands? Will football get in the way? Will they win? I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.