Wife By Penelope Sky


By Penelope Sky

  • Release Date: 2019-09-23
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 384 Ratings


I was twenty-one when the gypsy read my future:

As punishment for your crimes, you will only love one woman...but she'll never love you back.

I didn't believe a word of it.

Until I met Sofia Romano almost ten years later.

I fell hard for this woman. Would die for this woman.

But she left me.

Now years have passed and Sofia needs a husband. Her father is gone and her mother is trying to marry her off to a man that can protect their family, protect their company. 

She's looking for someone powerful.


Someone rich.


Someone handsome.

Double check.

Now it's my chance to have the only woman I've ever loved...and I'll make sure she feels the same way.

I have a lifetime to make that happen.


  • Amazing

    By Prmamakel
    Sofia shows the string side and refuse to give in the Hades. This is a roller coaster and still has you wondering if she would ever change her mind. Can’t wait until the next book.
  • 🤔🤐

    By Darsh :)
    Hmmmm I’m conflicted in this series. I feel like I always love the strong female lead in the other books but Sofia has me beating my head against the wall .. I understand not wanting to end up like you parents & just not being interested in commitment at a young age BUT she is something else. I truly feel for Hades because he knows exactly what is happening yet he can’t help but fall. I’m excited to read the next book hopefully he can begin to wear down Sofia and she’ll open up to something more than what they are now.
  • Wife

    By Josie710jr
    Only the volume of stars in the sky could come close to how this book rates. I could not and did not put it down until I was finished. Waiting until December for the next installment will be torture. I so fell for these characters. Every time Sofia cut Hades with her words, I feel the ooze of the trickle from my heart. It is brutal loving someone with everything you have in you, but the person cannot reciprocate in kind. I understand why Sofia feel like love and marriage are an illusion. Ms. Sky has hooked me on yet another series.
  • Not impressed

    By MSxRN
    Way too many errors. This book was disappointing. It’s an erotic book geared to get the reader in the mood with as many intimate moments there are but the grammatical errors just killed the mood so much.
  • Love this so much!!

    By Juliexv5018
    I absolutely love this book so much. It's such a change to see the woman being the one to not commit to loving someone and I love the rollercoaster journey Hades is going to have to go on to get his *hopefully* happily ever after! *I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.*
  • Amazing

    By Slm9678
    What a roller coaster ride. Just when one foot is out you are thrown back in. A must read. The characters in this story are great!! Hades loves and hates Sophia. Take time to read this
  • Amazing

    By karina Arreola
    At first I didn’t know how I felt about this new series because it’s somewhat different than her regulars but it’s one heck of a book I must say the way it starts with the Hades fortune being read to him and to actually unravel within time is mouth opening!!!! Highly recommend
  • Holy ****

    By Holanyjyjhmygrgddefhyjy
    I have no words to describe how this book made me feel. In all honestly, I was getting sick of these type of books, they were all blurring into one. Why I ever doubted Penelope Sky, is beyond me. She pulled through and created a totally new story, that’s so different from the rest. The story of Hades and Sofia is intense, steamy, and the opposite of everything you think. It’s refreshing to have Sofia so uninterested in love, romance, and the works. Hades, is still the powerful man every man wants to be. With his good looks and charm, he can have any women he wants. The moment he meets Sofia though, he is smitten, 100% obsessed. They heat they create, the relationship, and banter between them will have you hooks from the very beginning. I seriously can’t wait for book two. I enjoy reading again!!
  • Wife

    By Nay Nay 18
    Penelope Sky is officially one of my favorite authors. Saying this book was good is a under statement. Hades reminds me of Crow with a mixture of Bones. His attitude is everything. A fortune teller told him his future but it was more like a punishment. Independent and determined to stand on her own Sofia is what every little girl wants to grow up and be. She doesn’t want to stand behind her parents or a man even if that man is Hades himself. Things take a turn when Sofia learns the truth about her family’s business and unfortunately for her being strong and independent isn’t going to help her at all. A offer was made and Sofia may have no choice but to be the Wife she so desperately doesn’t want to be. I love how in this book the tables are turned and it’s the woman who doesn’t want the man and the man knows how that feels. I can’t wait to the second book to read how these two actually try to make it as husband and wife.
  • Must read!

    By SimplyAsh
    Penelope has done it again! Where in the world do I even start?! Hades and Sophia are like fire and ice, water and oil. They are both so headstrong and confident in their ways it’s crazy. I love this new twist on characters. Having a man chasing after the woman, and the woman wanting nothing to do with him. I love the strong independent personalities they both have. It’s great to finally see the roles reversed. I can’t wait to see how things progress and change in Husband! Why is November so far away?!