Dirty Sexy Games By Laurelin Paige

Dirty Sexy Games

By Laurelin Paige

  • Release Date: 2018-11-06
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 221 Ratings


The conclusion of the surprising love story begun in Dirty Sexy Player.

I didn’t have a plan for him.
He was the means to an end, a workaround to the cruel terms of my father’s will that would allow me to inherit his company.

I hadn’t planned to fall for him.

I hadn’t planned to enjoy every minute of our wedding, hadn’t planned to gasp his name so many times that night, hadn’t planned for the sexy games on our honeymoon.

He didn’t plan for his secrets to come out.

And neither of us planned for heartbreak.


  • All Good In the End

    By Bocarb
    With so much happening at once and a lot a stake, Weston and Elizabeth were able to figure out how to conquer the whole battle together. Then precious Sebastian comes in to steal the show. 👏🏼
  • What An Amazing Story!

    By ShellyReyn
    "You're my home, remember? You're my queen. I don't work without you next to me." This duet is fabulous!! Book 1, Dirty Sexy Player ended with a gasp of a cliffhanger, and now we get the rest if the story! The love between Weston and Elizabeth is the thing fairytales are made of - loving, steamy, and sacrificial. Both willing to give up something for the other, but at what cost? Can she give up her dreams to let him have his? Can he give up this unexpected opportunity to let Elizabeth chase hers? Can they find a way to have it all, or is the only answer to let each other go? This one had all the feels. I was so hopeful that it would all workout, then they start to crumble, and I crumbled along with them. It seemed like an impossible situation with no good outcome. But, the love between King and his queen is strong, and love indeed conquers all. So good!! I'd highly recommend this duet!!
  • Weston!

    By Lbzoza
    Elizabeth and Weston fall in love but life gets in the way. This book is the conclusion of their story and does not disappoint. I loved every word. Weston is a good guy and he proves it in this book!
  • Great ending!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    Weston and Elizabeth both were a surprise for me. We got introduced to them in Donovan and Sabrina's story and I got the impression they both needed to grow up some. After reading their story, I found there was much more depth to their characters as well as seeing them do some of that character growth in this final installment of their duet. First, it isn't necessary to read Donovan and Sabrina's story first. This duet can stand on it's own. But, I do think you appreciate, not only the main characters but also the side characters more if you do read the Dirty Duet first. You definitely need to read Dirty Sexy Player first. That is Weston and Elizabeth's start as main characters. For me, Weston turned from a too carefree player into a much more responsible man. At the end of Dirty Sexy Player, he had just learned that not only did he love his soon to be wife, but that he also had a 2 year old son he didn't know about. I feel that being faced with a serious decision at such a critical time forced him to grow up and realize what is truly important in life. Elizabeth came off as a spoiled princess in the beginning. Once again, the author showed us there was more that meets the eye with her character. I like how we got to see her and Weston both grow individually but also as a couple. Elizabeth was faced with a very hard decision and the maturity she showed with dealing with that decision made me love her character. I'm such a sucker for a good ending and I gotta say, this had a pretty fantastic ending. I also love what Donovan did at the end. I'm glad we get to keep seeing all these characters with each new Duet that will written. I can't wait for the next one. I actually don't know which of the guys is next but I'm looking forward to all of their stories.
  • Game Set Match

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    After the jaw-dropping ending of DIRTY SEXY PLAYER, I could not wait to get my hands on DIRTY SEXY GAMES to see what in the heck Laurelin Paige had up her sleeve for these characters. And, as ever, she did not disappoint, delivering the rest of Weston's and Elizabeth's story in a way that was just what I was looking for. I have to confess to loving Weston King an awful lot, and, for a guy that I was ready to write off as shallow, self-centered, and a veritable manwhore, he proved himself to be so much more. Humorous, passionate, and giving, Weston has much more going on than would appear. I don't want to say too much and spoil anything, but he more than rises to the occasion for those that he cares about. Elizabeth Dyson is a revelation, as well, her unexpected love for Weston allowing her to blossom into a woman that is more than the public persona that she's cultivated, and the perfect match for Weston. Together, the two of them are the a power couple extraordinaire, yet down to earth in ways that I was not anticipating. DIRTY SEXY GAMES is the perfect wrap-up for these two. Laurelin clearly loves her characters, and has written them so that I couldn't help but do the same. This is an easy 4.5 stars for me, and one that fans of her books should snap right up. (NOTE: DIRTY SEXY GAMES is not a standalone. Make sure that you've read DIRTY SEXY PLAYER first!)
  • Perfect conclusion

    By april R H
    Weston and Elizabeth have just married and even though they are definitely in love,happily ever after may not happen. Perfect amount of angst and romance with strong and lovable characters. Not to mention some really hot loving!
  • HOT!

    By Angelfoll
    Non spoiler HOTTTTTTTTTTTT! Weston will have you and I mean have you with his sexy mouth, god could he get any HOTTER? My god the guy is pure sex. Talk about squeezing your knees together. He will make you BURN.... Elizabeth and Weston were ridiculously perfect together, you couldn’t ask for more. Well you can and you’ll get it too. Their journey is one of many obstacles that will keep your eyes on the prize. I enjoyed getting to know these two. I loved the way they loved. I adored so much about these Two. They have quickly become one of my favorite couples from this author. FANTASTIC CHARACTERS, PHENOMENAL WRITING AS ALWAYS, AND A PERFECT ENDING. With all the hurdles and ups and downs this is one story you won’t soon forget. It was a beautiful journey to follow.
  • Hot Finish!!

    By rlamlt
    This is the second book of the duet. You must read book one first. Weston and Elizabeth are getting married. They have to work out where they are going to live. Weston has a huge secret that is driving all his decisions. He is trying to decide when to drop the news on Elizabeth. A super hot and sexy read. Plenty of angst tempered by the sweetness of their romance. I liked how Weston comes to terms with his parents and their past. I liked how real the story was. It was believable and well crafted. A really amazing read!!